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Grab your lab coat and jump into REACT! - the world's first and only chemically accurate organic chemistry board game! This new multiplayer board game can teach anyone organic chemistry. Build your deck of chemical cards from an array of reagents and combine them to conduct reactions. Be the first to invent a multi-step process that uses reactions to build the goal molecule on your lab bench. But, watch out for rival scientists, who might steal your cards and contaminate your experiments! With REACT!, there's never a dull moment; it makes learning organic chemistry exciting and fun!


Our Mission


REACT! is a game that can teach anyone the fundamentals of organic chemistry. It was designed by a team of U.C. Berkeley students who wanted to share their passion for chemistry with the world. We hope that REACT! shows that organic chemistry need not be overwhelming, but a great learning experience that fosters critical thinking.


Meet our award-winning team and learn more about our journey.

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